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Classification for diesel generator sets
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Diesel generator has many types, according to the structure, control and protection functions, etc., can be divided into the following.

1, The standard type

This is the most common type, composed of diesel engine, closed water tank, fuel tank, muffler, synchronous AC alternator, excitation voltage regulator, control box (screen), coupling and chassis, etc. The unit has voltage and speed automatic adjustment function. Usually as the main power supply or standby power supply.

2. Self-start unit

Cummins diesel generator set based on the standard type unit,it increase automatic start system, he has an automated function.When the external power supply (mains) sudden power failure, the unit can automatically start, automatically switch, automatic operation, automatic transmission and Automatic shutdown; when the oil pressure is too low, the oil temperature or cooling water temperature is too high, can automatically warning and light alarm signal showing: when the unit over speed,can automatically emergency stop for protection.

3. Microcomputer control automation unit

The unit is composed of a fully functional diesel engine, a three-phase brushless synchronous alternator,and a fuel automatic control panel using programmable automatic controller PLC control. In addition to self-starting, self-switching, self-running, self-stopping function, Fault alarm and automatic protection device.In addition, through the RS232 communication interface, connected with the host computer, centralized monitoring, remote control, remote telemetry, the unattended come true!
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